A smart website, tailored to your unique visitors. Laméco is happy to advise you here. A smart website allows you to better help every visitor and learns your website to find what it's looking for. This way we can better offer the information, which leads to a better conversion.

In short, because we know what your visitor is looking for, we provide more leads. This way we will make you successful online.

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How do we do this?

We make you online more succesfull by continuously collecting data about the visitor and reusing it to improve the website. This is not just about clicks, but also for visitpaths and mouse behavior. We also help you determine the ideal routes through the website. Due to this, the visitor will experience the website as user-friendly, which leads to more conversions. From start to end, an involved online marketer will be concerned in the process to make your website more user-friendly and findable.

What kind of CMS (content management system) is used at Laméco?

We get this question almost weekly. Simple answer: We do not have one package in which we make all websites, because we have quite a few different clients with specific wishes. We will first define your wishes and then choose a system that will suit you best. Do you have a preference for a system? No problem, if you like to work in a particular system, we'll continue to help you with that. Because we can really program, we will adjust to your wishes and it does not matter to us in which CMS we have to program. 

How does Laméco work?

Depending on the type of project, we work based on a linear project or on an agile scrum methodology. Both have pros and cons, thus we will discuss in detail what method would be most compatible with your project. A smart website starts with a smart collaboration!

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