What is
digital marketing?

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our society without the term "Digital Marketing" or "Internet Marketing". What is it really and what is the added value of digital marketing for your company?

Marketing 101: This is the process of obtaining market share by fulfilling the needs of the (potential) customer. It originates from the American concepts: “market and getting”. Digital marketing is the online version of this concept and is becoming increasingly important (for all branches). Recent research shows that we are increasingly buying more products and services online. Besides companies (B2B), consumers (B2C) as well have shifted towards orientating their life and business online via their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Concepts such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA) and direct marketing are used more frequently in today’s day and age. The big question is how do you as a director, marketing manager or member of staff implement these changes to stay with the times? What do these concepts actually mean and how does digital marketing yield return for your company?

There is still merit in reading blog posts and cramming videos around these topics from internet gurus. Heck, you might even learn more from your son / daughter’s social media tutorial. The way we like to think of it is “KISS” – Keep it Simple Silly. If you have noticed your competitors using these jargon-filled terms, then your answer is “Yes, you should consider this for your organization too!”. If not, then do not be afraid of taking the first step in pioneering your industry online.


Many companies do not have time to invest in an in-house digital marketeer or do not know exactly how digital marketing is meant to play out. This is where we would like to come in. Laméco offers a tailor-made solution for your company where our mantra “Let us take care of your business online, so that you can take care of your business at hand” stands true in our very DNA. Every company has their own blueprint, which is why you get your own online marketeer within Laméco as a point of contact. This person will be fully dedicated towards your company’s needs online and will act as a sound board for any uncertainties you might have along the way.

By means of a thorough digital marketing audit, goals are set and the method of working is determined based on your current company goals, barriers-to-entry, budget, time of year [etc]. This way we determine together which digital marketing resources will best be suited. With Google releasing new developments and updates around digital marketing almost weekly, the Laméco team of digital marketeers are constantly having to upskill themselves. Being the first to know and thus prepared for any situation to us is the single most important thing when looking after your online success.


Obtaining the best possible results from your website is our goal. With the help of guided reporting, extensive tracking and measuring of online tests, efficient communication we advise monthly improvements to your website and online presence. Keeping the highest return on investment with the quickest wins to be made is always in the foreground of our decision making.

Whether you have an existing website or are ready for a new look and feel. Digital marketing is nowadays crucial within your marketing strategy, and has to be maintained on a continuous basis.

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